0xRacers & 0xWarriors will support NEO!

0xRacers, 0xWarriors, NEO

0xGames Studio announces blockchain support NEO that will appear in the near future!

It is planned to integrate the new network into two projects: 0xWarriors и 0xRacers.

  • Both of our projects will be one of the first NEO-based games in the Apple and Google store. And, mind you, we integrate NEO with the Arkane wallet, which is already familiar to our community.

    Alex fedd

    CMO, 0xGames

Gifts from CryptoGamingPool & 0xRacers

Grand giveaway marathon, CryptoGamingPool, 0xRacers

And also in CryptoGamingPool birthday honor, 0xRacers team is distributing 5 Tier-3 Cars!

* Distribution will last until 21.09.2019.

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